Why the Work of Betsy DeVos is Cut Out for Her

If you’ve heard the saying, “You’ve got your work cut out for you”, then you know how I see the future of Betsy DeVos. She couldn’t have been appointed at a better time when the schools have been their weakest, and when reform for education couldn’t come soon enough. It never ceases to amaze me just how much the schools are lacking, and I can recall how fortunate I was to have a solid education in a private school. However, I never saw government sticking their nose into the business of education, and that is something I would like to see Betsy change. I can safely say that her work is right in front of her, even if it is limited to this one issue. There is no shortcut or easy way to reform the educational system, and reform is desperately needed.

What if every child was able to get a quality education? Right now at this very moment, they cannot. Children are limited to what they can get because of the zip code they live in. Regardless of where a child lives they should have rich opportunities and a rich curriculum. Those who are less fortunate right now could easily become better when they are given an opportunity. The children may not realize it, but those who are leaders do know and should be working with Betsy to bring positive change. Read more news on LATimes.com

Betsy has decades of experience in politics as well as working with educational groups and organizations. Her knowledge and experience is so valuable and vital to the health of the school system. It is also important that she work quickly to help the state get their children a curriculum and foundation they can understand and build on. I have heard other parents with older children discuss Common Core and just how hard it really is. Isn’t this making learning harder?

My hope is that Betsy DeVos can bring reform to this challenge and ensure that students are able to get a foundation that they build on. Learning should not be difficult or stressful, but rather challenging and insightful. Her view on bringing policies closer to home to be worked on is ideal and it is one that will give the schools freedom to work with students on different levels. It is Betsy DeVos that will bring opportunity to the school system rather than inequality as it stands right now. I am thrilled that she is an advocate for school choice. I believe that is just one of the many aspects of living in a free country. I should be able to choose what school my daughter can attend, and I see that change coming with Betsy DeVos in place.

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