Value Of Technology In Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that is based out of California. They have talented teachers who strive for excellence and are good role models to each and every student in Rocketship. The institutions uses software programs and alternative online learning programs that also provide exceptional and valuable learning for students. These programs help students to collaborate on group projects, explore visually and digitally, connect with others, and to experience interactive reading and entertainment.

Rocketship Education and Technology

Anya Kamenetz is a known educational blogger at NPR. She recently published a blog post regarding Rocketship Education’ Education. Co-Founder and CEO of Rocket Public Schools Preston Smith have so much to say about the issue and defended its quality of education profoundly. Parents and teachers also disagree and stress that the NPR blogger’s references were not clear, legitimate, and concise. The NPR blogger talked about various topics such as the screen time of students in Rocketship Education.

Technology is prevalent in homes, streets, and even in public schools. Rocketship Education uses technology solely for learning, yet the NPR blogger misrepresented their use of technology and thinks that the school goes beyond screen time. She added that DreamBox, an online software provider, and online learning program, normally allow students to only spend 30-45 minutes of screen time per week. Which leads to her argument that students in Rocketship usually spend around 80 minutes per day. The system engages with various online learning programs, and according to Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research, Rocketship Public School’s students spends an average of 44 minutes per week when using DreamBox.

Gadgets, devices and the Internet is part of modern life. It has greatly influenced and improved the quality of education for students. Rocketship Education have full access to technology to build the skills that every student needs in order to succeed in the future. Parents also understand and are aware that the Internet has contents that are suitable for learning, entertainment, and some are not suitable at all. They trust the school’s way of teaching and their purposeful content.

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