The Success Of Vinod Gupta

If you are looking for a perfect embodiment, where the person is self-made with success story, its Vinod Gupta. A man born in 1946 in India who is an entrepreneur and a businessman. He is the man who turned $100 loan from the bank and later sold it for $680 million. He has been able to recognize the gap in the marketing niche using his company, Infogroup.


Having his former CEO role in the company that was later called Infogroup, he acquired some more companies where he was able to create a juggernaut in the Information technology field. His current firm, Everest Group is an investment firm that provides capital ventures for the database startups where it has been utilizing the information technology so that it can foster the success.


He is a proud man because he has been able to offer employment opportunities for the underserved populations. This employment chances even made former US president Bill Clinton tout him for the inclusive hiring practices. Vinod Gupta has devoted much of his resources to charity organizations and many schools in India.


When he talked in Q&A session with, he spoke about his idea about the Everest group and infoGROUP birth. After he graduated from Nebraska University, Commodore Corporation employed him where the company used to manufacture mobile homes. He started playing the role of a market research analyst where he could compile the list of mobile home dealers in the US. He came to realize that there was no such list existing. That is how he started creating a database where he began investing in direct mail marketing after building it so that he could target his businesses which would benefit from his list. He received a large number of orders for his compiled list. Visit This Page for related information.


It was after an extended period when Infogroup started getting other companies. Through the company, he gained a lot of experience while trying to help the struggling companies and he yielded success. That is where naturally Everest Group came from so that it could help in database technology.


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