The Impact of Fortress Investment Group in the Marketplace

One of the leading gas companies, New fortress Energy was created by the Fortress Investment Group in 2014. The investments made into the new company were about $100 million. The American company deals with natural gas where it supplies most parts of Jamaica. The company is focusing on increasing its investments ot other countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico and Ireland. There are many other projects that Fortress investment Groups plan to start in various parts of the world.

One of the projects that are underway is in Mexico, Baja California Sur. This project is estimated to cost about $184 million, and it is expected to start in the next two years. There is a lot o expectation from this project since its one of a kind in Baja California Sur. This project aims to lower down the energy bills that people in that region face. Read more reviews about Fortress Investment Group at

The next project of Fortress Investment is in Ireland. The project was granted permission immediately, and hence the project is ongoing. The cost of the project in Ireland is around $581 million. This project will benefit entire Ireland since they do not have to import natural gas from other countries such as the United Kingdom. This project aims to enable the production and processing of natural gas within the country.

Other projects that the Fortress Investment Group has been actively involved in includes donations aimed at helping the youth and children. One of the children’s support programs in Jamaica, RISE Life Management Services was granted $ 4.5 million by Fortress Investment Group. The money is aimed at helping marginalised children and young people who suffer from drugs, depression and suicidal thoughts. This has been led by the many cases reported of child abuse in Jamaica, and several programs were introduced to help them in their lives.

With all these investments, Fortress Investment Group has grown dramatically. From thirty employees when it was formed in 1998 to over a thousand employees. Their assets have increased from $4oo million to $72 billion within a few years since many people and institutions around the globe have joined as investors. Also, the group has gained a reputation, especially in Jamaica after introducing clean and cheaper energy.

The founder of the Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens, plans to invest in infrastructure in the coming years. This move has been brought by the success from other investments made in the past such as the purchase of assets and infrastructure

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