The Amazing Career Of Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, speaker, accomplished author and leadership trainer. Stout has created billions of dollars in the form of revenue all through his career. Logan’s credibility and track record of team building, leadership, and success principles not only drive his ventures at the moment but also make him one of the best keynote speakers globally.

Mr. Stout’s recent business venture is focused in the field of wellness and health. Since the launch of IDLIfe, LLC in May 2014, his business has expanded exponentially with some partners like Troy Aikman, Jen Wilderstrom who is a celebrity trainer and Darwin Deason, the billionaire. The team is joined by well known fitness ambassadors and recognized authors on a journey to teach people on wellness and health. His company aims at provision of the best quality nutritional products. IDLife was named in 2006 as among the 100 Solid Top MLM companies globally.

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Logan Stout is very passionate about assisting other people to build leadership skills. In 2003, he published a book “Stout Advice: The secret to Building Yourself, People and Teams” with an intent of inspiring and empowering readers, and ensuring he leaves a lasting impact on people who struggle to get to their potential that is God given. The book has been endorsed by well-known entrepreneurs like Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran from the ABC’s Shark Tank.

Logan is also the CEO and the founder of an organization known as the Dallas Patriots baseball where his primary focus is leading and mentoring the youth. The organization is currently one of the world’s largest. Each graduate from the organization has gotten the chance to play college baseball. Most of the graduates are MLB draft picks.

Logan often makes television, live events, and radio appearances. Logan has also been featured in various publications like the Philadelphia Life Magazine, The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News and numerous live and print media outlets. Logan and his wife Haley have been blessed with two sons, and they live in Frisco in Texas.

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