Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a support service provider. It won many awards as one of the best home provider of healthcare services in Sussex for over 25 years. In 2002, It achieved endorsement from the Health Quality Service and later gaining Investors in People Standard. The group in 2005 received its certification as an ISO 9000:2000 making it the only self-governing home care provider in the United Kingdom to have got dually approved for ISO and HQS. The ISO acquired covers the systems of excellent management.

Apart from being a home, it encourages leisure activities which are useful to a persons health and comfort.The operations support and motivate the individuals to utilize the facilities to their well being. The events are selected according to their abilities and interests hence they learn new skills as they participate.

Sussex Healthcare is a topmost team in management. Independently, the group gets managed by a highly qualified team of managers under the guidance of the Policy group.

Commercially, Sussex Healthcare targets to be on the forefront in the provision of nursing and residential care in its area. It is also determined to provide excellent care established on individual needs as advised by an expert team.

The Sussex group also provides more services including services in the forest Lodge, white lodge, and Wisteria Lodge. Their services include respectfully treating people and caring for them, and providing them support that matches their needs providence of right and proper management. The 20 homes under the control of the organization also focus on care of older people including those with mental illness and physically challenged people or with learning problems.

Sussex Healthcare initially, in 1985, started as a single home and now has over 580 beds and has become the leading nursing and residential care provider. The facility has highly trained personnel who offer professional nursing care. They use latest technologies in providing their services. Throughout the growth period, the center has developed a philosophy that to provide excellent standards of emotional, physical social and spiritual care, one ought to recognize the individual needs of the people.They also provide therapies such as occupational, physiotherapy as well as reflexology. The homes even care for younger people with physical or learning disabilities. They also offer special care for neurological problems victims.

To the terminally and chronically ill, the group also provides care that enables control of pain especially when collaborating with the organizations that work with ‘Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care.’