Shiraz Boghani From Accountant To Hospitality Extraordinaire

Shiraz Boghani, a founding partner of Sojourn Hotel, has a partnership with Sussex Health. Boghani was born in Kenyan, a country located in the eastern part of the African continent, on October 1, 1950. Boghani was raised in the Islamic religion. Mr. Boghani came to the United Kingdom in his late teens.

After completing high school, Shiraz Boghani majored in accounting in England. Boghani studied at Chartered Accountant to become an accountant. After studying accounting, for over 10 years, Boghani decided to study hotel hospitality.

Shiraz Boghani had worked as a chartered accountant from the time he finished school until the middle 1980s. In the middle 1980s, Boghani was interested in hotel hospitality, and he excelled in that, too. Shiraz Boghani found employment at Thomas McLintock & Co. After he left the accounting industry, he began investing in hotels and investments that would lead him to Splendid Hospitality Group.

Shiraz Boghani co-founded Splendid Hospitality Group in 1986, located in Pinner, United Kingdom. Splendid Hospitality Group has 19 hotels with more than 2,000 rooms for rent. The group employs between 1,000 and 5,000 people.

Today, Boghani owns 20 trader hotels that include Hilton London Bankside, Holiday Inn Wembly, and others. In addition to hotel hospitality, Shiraz Boghani became Chairman of Sussex Health Care in 1998. Sussex Health Care began back in 1985.

Sussex Health Care has 20 homes all over the United Kingdom. This health care agency provides services for physically and mentally disabled, as well as learning disabled. Sussex provides care for people with Alzheimers and dementia. Sussex is a privately run company .

Shiraz Boghani is considered the leader in both commercial and residential development. All of Boghani’s hotels have five star ratings. Sussex Health Care received the Gold Standard for end of life care award. In 2016, Shiraz Boghani had won the Hotelier award. Last year, Boghani won the Bridgewater Youth Award.

Shiraz Boghani is involved with the Aga Khan Foundation that helps children with learning disabilities in Gujuart, India and in Portugal. The organization helps the poor with education, nutrition, health care, and more. Boghani wants to improve the literacy of children the world over. He wants each and every child to be able to reach his full potential.

No matter what business Shiraz Boghani gets involved in, he’s a success. Boghani is a success as an accountant, Real estate, hotel hospitality, and in the health care management business.