Sheldon Lavin: More Than Just A Business Owner

Not only is the savvy Sheldon Lavin a brilliant entrepreneur in the meat industry, but a humanitarian who treats his employees and charitable associates like a tight, close-knit family. Soon after obtaining his degree in accounting and financing in 1970, he secured the funds necessary to buy a family-run meat company called Otto & Sons. Later, while respectfully keeping the initials, he changed the name to OSI Industries. Before he knew it, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of his very own business, just like he always believed he would be since he was young; He was the proud owner of OSI Group, LLC and what Sheldon Lavin knows.


It didn’t take long before OSI Group went from a small-town meat processing plant to a full-fledged international leader shining bright among all others. His business now has 70 separate locations in 17 different countries! Due to his expertise and brilliant business sense, he was honored with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in 2016. When asked about accepting this award, Lavin said he was humbled and very proud of seeing company turn into the giant global entity that it is today and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.


Mr. Lavin says that even more important than his business itself, is the wellness of his many employees. He believes in open communication and being a very good listener. He often takes them out to eat and requests they call him “Sheldon” or “Shelly.” He says the better the company does, the more his employees thrive. Levin wants to inspire the next generation of industry leaders to grow their companies in thoughtful, charitable and responsible ways that enhance the lives of employees and overall world-wide society and read full article.


Although he has now reached his golden years, he says he isn’t stopping yet. He continues to run his company and enthusiastically volunteers time and funds to a cause that captured his heart years ago: the Ronald McDonald House. A very noble cause that cares for very sick children, and one he intends to help as long as he has breath.


Even with all that he has accomplished in his life, Sheldon Lavin says that the biggest accomplishment was, along with his wife, raising three wonderful children whom he has taught to continue his legacy by giving back to the community and his Facebook.

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