Securus Technologies Prevents Criminal Activity

Securus Technologies is a provider of communications services to correctional institutions for the purpose of allowing inmates the privilege of communicating to their families by phone on a regular basis. When inmates have access to the family on a regular basis they fare much better psychologically and physically. Families appreciate being able to communicate with their loved ones who have been incarcerated.


Communications by phone can be set up in the following manner:


  • Advanced Connect – The phone bill is paid in advance by a responsible party, usually by the family of the inmate.
  • Direct Bill – The phone charges are sent to a responsible party on a regular basis, such as monthly to cover previous period’s charges
  • Traditional Collect – The party who is called pays the charge for the call if they accept such responsibility at the time of the call
  • Inmate Debit – The phone charges are debited from the inmate’s account at the correctional facility



When a free and open phone system is made available to convicted inmates there is always the possibility that the system could be used for criminal purposes. For that reason Securus has implemented a voice tracking and monitoring system to thwart that eventuality.


The voice tracking can identify the parties who are on the line on both ends and if any sort of criminal activity is being planned, contemplated or carried out, the voice print on the phone system can identify individuals who are involved. The recordings from these instances can be used in court as evidence and for the purpose of obtaining a search warrant.


Systems such as this protect inmates, correctional officers, family members and visitors from being involved or caught up in criminal activities such as drugs, alcohol, sex, theft and threats from coming into the correctional facility.