Roseann Bennett Writes About The Ways To Address The Treatment Of Women In The Workforce

Marriage and Family Therapist Roseann Bennett recently wrote an article on her personal blog about how to really support women in the workplace. Roseann Bennett is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial. She is also, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, the NJAMFT Northern Chapter President, and a writer on the side. Roseann Bennett has written in well-known magazines such as Wall Street Journal Woman of Note, the Huffington Post, and Lioness Magazine to name a few.


She said that when it comes to the workplace equality for women needs to be viewed as a journey. There are very real issues affecting women such as receiving lower pay and lower respect. In her blog post she outlined five ways to make improvements.


She says that businesses should set internal diversity goals so that women are both supported and encouraged. Roseann Bennett pointed to corporations such as Accenture and General Electric who have publicly released their diversity goals including specifically how many women they are planning to hire by a certain date. In General Electric’s case, for example, they said they would hire 20,000 women with STEM degrees by 2020.


Roseann Bennett urges companies to be transparent even though that is tough. They should publicly release their commitments to gender equality as well as where things now stand. Most companies don’t want this information out there because they feel it could be damaging to their brand because the numbers aren’t very good and yet this step is necessary.


Roseann Bennet also says that when it comes to the workplace men and women have different experiences and reasons for wanting to do the work they do. Over workplace discrimination as well as unconscious bias also make it difficult for women when it comes to their careers.


She says that hiring more women is a smart business move. Men and women do need to be recruited differently but the results pay off when this effort is made by a company. She says that a company with gender imbalances needs to look in the mirror and evaluate how they can better recruit women instead of claiming a supply/demand problem exists.


Finally, Roseann Bennett says the dialog about women in the workforce should never stop. She says if it isn’t addressed often it can appear to others that management just doesn’t care about this issue which isn’t a good look to have. Check out Bennett’s interview with Ideamensch about this issue,  HERE.


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