Renovia Inc. Is Flourishing Under Marc Beer’s Leadership

There are scientists all over the world looking into various disorders and researching to find cures and treatments to make the lives of people easier. Millions of women all over the globe fall victim to pelvic floor disorders and Renovia is aiming to help them treat this condition and the diseases that can follow. Renovia Inc. recently developed a product to help women control their illnesses due to pelvic floor disorder, known as Leva, which aims to help hundreds of millions of women around the world over the years.


Renovia Inc. was founded by Marc Beer, a veteran in the business with a desire to help people overcome their illnesses. Despite the companies youth, it is quickly becoming a leader in the field for the development of products and technology that can assist all people around the world. Millions of dollars in funding was raised for the startup of Renovia and according to Marc, many organizations came together to help fund the company, including the Longwood Fund, Renovia’s biggest donator. By the end of the funding series, Renovia Inc. amassed more than 40 million dollars, all of which will go towards research and product development.


Many scientists are working to extensively research various disorders for women, specifically all of those related to pelvic floor disorder, one of the most common being urinary incontinence. Leva has been approved by the FDA and will be effective in treating disorders in more than 250 million women according to Marc Beer.


Marc Beer has been working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for more than two decades and has experience developing other products to help people. In the past, Marc developed a drug to help people with high cholesterol, though he found it difficult to get the product approved. This inspired Marc Beer to found Renovia so that his desire to help others was taken seriously throughout the healthcare industry. Renovia Inc. was founded in Boston and continues to build awareness across the country today. Learn more: