OSI Group’s Likable Origin Story

A lot of people like to talk bad about corporations these days. After all, the news is full of corporate greed and income inequality. But not all corporations are bad. Some have overcome massive obstacles to become well-meaning, sustainable and profitable. Take OSI Group, for example. I think you’ll like what this company does and you’ll definitely like its C00. OSI Group is a massive food processing company that runs 65 facilities in 17 different countries across the planet. They have over 20,000 people working for them and do all sorts of business with governments around the world. But the company has a really cool story. It was all started by a German immigrant running a butcher shop in the Chicago neighborhood. The butcher shop lucked out.

It became one of the first meet suppliers for the McDonald’s Corporation. Mind you, this was at a time when McDonald’s was just starting out. Nobody could have predicted the fast food chain’s global expansion. The butcher shop had to ramp up production as McDonald’s continued to grow. Eventually, the company expanded into what it is today. And it’s all run by an Iowa farm boy named David McDonald. David grew up on a farm and has intimate knowledge of the food processing company’s source in the corporate supply chain. He attended Iowa State University, grabbed himself a bachelors degree and scored himself a job at OSI Group fresh out of college. He worked his way up to project manager before being named the company’s chief operating officer.

Now he is in charge of a $6.1 billion company. It is the 58th largest privately held company according to Forbes magazine. David is now overseeing a breakthrough in the Chinese market and is firming up the company’s grip on Europe, as well. He has directed OSI Group to acquire to massive European food companies while he strengthens ties with government agencies, local farms and retailers. David likes to talk about his childhood on the farm when asked how he manages such a diverse conglomerate. If his respect for the farm and its farmers that makes him such a good food processing leader.