Michael Phelps Helping Talkspace to Reach Out to More People

For people looking for some kind of professional assistance in solving their mental health issues, consulting with the experts at Talkspace is the right thing to do. Talkspace is one of the most prominent mobile therapy apps in the market that has helped hundreds and thousands of people to recover from their mental health issues. No matter how severe your mental health issues are, it can be resolved by the licensed therapists at Talkspace with ease. The mobile app would almost immediately connect you with the licensed therapist as soon as you log in and fill in the necessary details and credentials. Moreover, the charges of counseling online with the therapist are not much, and you need not worry about the pocket pinch.  Check out askmen.com to read more about Talkspace

Talkspace provides people with the easy alternative they have been looking for years over the traditional therapy. Many people can’t afford traditional therapy while many others are not comfortable with opening up in front of someone they just met. Talkspace has some of the biggest names from the mental health space associated with it and they help the people get the solution they are looking for. Talkspace provides people with the affordable solution they have been seeking for their mental health problems. The professional therapists at Talkspace would assess your mental health situation and treat you accordingly.

Michael Phelps has won gold Olympic medals 23 times, but still, he has suffered from depression and anxiety. In 2014, it got really bad and it also contemplating suicide. It was therapy that allowed him to bounce back and he now wants other people to know his story. Hearing his story if people are encouraged to get therapy in any way, it would be a win for Phelps. He is on the board of advisory team at Talkspace and is helping them improve their services.

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