Meet Outstanding Leader Betsy DeVos

While Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary of Education, may seem like a meek-and-mild-mannered grandmother, people in Michigan who have worked with her before say that is far from the truth. They warn that this lady is one of the strongest leaders that they know, and she is willing to stand up for what she believes in against all vows.




Betsy DeVos is very passionate about the causes that she believes are right for America’s children. For many years, she has been a strong advocate of parents having the right to decide where their children should go to school. After visiting Potter’s House, Betsy started advocating for all children to have the right to a private education despite their economic background. She is a graduate of Grand Rapids Christian High School, and her children attended private schools.


Team Player


You would never know that Betsy DeVos was not 100 percent in agreement with President Trump’s decision to use the bathroom matching their gender identity when Betsy DeVos stepped before the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Yet, those who know her best say that she had valiantly fought this decision behind closed doors. Betsy has built many types of teams over her lifetime including teams to advocate for school choices in her home state of Michigan, in Louisiana and in Florida. Despite her support of school choice, one of her first things she did in office was to phone the top leaders of the public teacher’s unions to suggest that they work together. Learn more:




Betsy DeVos is very committed to improving the state of education in America. After being in office for less than 10 months, Betsy DeVos outlined her proposal for America’s schools. Her top priority is to increase school choice in America through the use of private schools, charter schools and virtual schools. Likewise, her proposal suggests that Americans need more value for their dollar in education. She also suggests that students should be allowed to follow different paths for acquiring knowledge and the skills needed to become productive citizens. Friends and those who have worked closely with Betsy say that she will spend countless hours promoting this agenda now that she has developed her vision.


Rather you agree or disagree with her plan, Betsy DeVos is a formidable leader who is poised to move forward on her agenda of providing students a better education.