Meet David McDonald the CEO of OSI Group

David McDonald is the chief executive officer and the president of OSI Group which is a global food provider. David is a graduate of Lowa State University and holds a degree in animal science. He has held various positions while serving in OSI Group including project manager of OSI Industries. Currently, McDonald also serves as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He is also a board member of OSI Group.

David McDonald has played a significant role in OSI Group sustainability. He has been with the company for over 30 years, and as a result of his experience, he has brought a tremendous role in growth rate and success of OSI Group. Currently, OSI Group has over 80 branches and operates in 17 countries across the globe. The company also supplies most of the world leading delicacies such as Yum, Subway and Starbucks among others, and learn more about David McDonald.

Under the leadership of McDonald, the company constructed a beef processing plant in Poland and another processing plant for frozen foods. He has also seen major acquisitions which help maximize the company operations. The recent acquisition of Baho food has enabled the company to broaden its services in Germany and Netherlands. After the acquisition of Baho food, David retained its employees saying that their experience and expertise are of great value for the company to improve on delivery services and product portfolio.

During an interview, David says that becoming part of the local culture is one marketing strategy that helps the company thrive and find customers. Due to high-quality standards of the products, it is easy to retain their customers. Also, understanding the needs of the customers helps the company deliver quality products and services to the clients who keep coming back, and

David further states that the establishment of the newest factory in China is one of the most satisfying projects he has achieved. The extensive project shows the time and effort OSI Group has invested in the country. The project helps solve broad scale of solutions. The factory is as a result of understanding the exciting local culture.

David still has plans to invest in other countries and expand his business. He says that the company will remain innovative and embrace the changing business environment and technology that will allow the company in growing and improving to meet customer’s needs, and more information click here.