Measures Taken to Improve Road Infrastructure and Maintenace in Austin

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He says that in Austin, traffic congestion will be a major problem to the society. A solution should be sought to solve this issue, and it can be a technology solution. To achieve this, he believes that they will need a lot of resources. Part of the solution is in his company.

They have created an infrastructure around the country be it roads like 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander. This road has helped the people and communities to achieve their desires in development and progress. Some other roads have been built by Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and increase lanes in Texan roads. The people of Travis and Williamson counties created a company that is accountable for everything that they do.

Innovation is the key desire at Mobility Authority. The project at the new MoPac Express Lanes use advanced technology that manages traffic flow at the congested road. For them decongesting the roads is possible and people with urgent needs using the road will reach their destinations on time. Variable tolling rates that will work hand-in-hand and take care of the supply and demand so that the flow of traffic can be predicted. The technology will ensure the Express lane flows at all times even at rush hours.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has combined technology with the roads and cars. Cars can be notified when they are breaking road rules and using the wrong lanes. The new routes will be more of a smart way, not a regular one.

They have partnered with Metropia, a company that creates mobile traffic application that is combined with traffic monitoring system giving real-time solution on routes that can be used to avoid congestion on the roads. Carma is also helping them in encouraging commuters to use combined rides to reduce cars on the roads. The empty car seats will be occupied, and fewer cars will be on the road.

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization helps the Highway Emergency Response Operator to give free roadside assistance for cars with small problems. With this traffic flow is eased to a large extent. Roads served are the Interstate 35 from Hays County to Georgetown and Mobility Authority roads where congestion is. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Help rendered to the traffic users solves the traffic nightmare to a large extent, and the company is partnering with Texas Department of Transportation. If people work together without objection, the congestion will be reduced in Central Texas.

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