“Marc Beer Transforming the Lives of Millions of Women Across the Globe “

Marc Beer has a B.S from Miami University; he earned extensive experience on how to manage the business as well as be a good leader. He believes in teamwork to achieve much in any business. Over twenty-five years Marc Beer has always been in the front line to transform the lives of many people in the health industry he has worked in many companies that are health related to ensure that all patients are treated accordingly. In ViaCell company Marc Beer contributed to the growth of the company collecting umbilical cord stem cells as well as preserving them for future purposes. He also worked at Genzyme company serving significant roles that led to the establishment of new diagnostic and treatments for severe diseases to be treated. He is always devoted to bringing new investments to the health industry making the work for doctors easy.


Marc Beer is the chairman and CEO at Renovia company that is devoted to ensuring that all patients are treated using advanced technology. The company also entails Dr. Samantha Pulliam who is the Chief Medical officer, William Dull serving as the Chief commercial officer, Jose Bohorquez a Ph.D. holder is the chief scientific officer and finally Jessica McKinney who has been selected to serve as the Vice president as well as clinical advice. This team of experts is devoted to ensuring the smooth running of the company. They share new ideas to promote new investments.


According to researchers, more than 250 million women suffer from pelvic disorders including infections in the urinary tract. Marc Beer, therefore, raised $32 million to fund series B round that will promote the establishment of new treatments. The money was used to support the establishment of Boston-based medical center for women. There will be a group of experts to research and come up with four new treatment methods for pelvic disorder diagnosis. Longwood Company has also joined the series B round to share their resources and ensure that set goals are accomplished. The partnership contributed to the Missouri Ascension Ventures in New York.


According to Marc Beer, both companies are thrilled to combine their sensor technologies and innovative ideas to create a digital platform through which patients will be able to access valuable data on the invested treatment methods provided at relatively low costs. The digital platform will also create awareness on why women should not feel ashamed to seek medical assistance if they are suffering from pelvic disorders.


Marc Beer has also led to the establishment of leva device in Renovia company that serves several significant purposes. The leva device consists of a kit that is designed to rehabilitate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles as well as treating urinary incontinence in women. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/