Malcolm CasSelle’s successes

Malcolm CasSelle is a successful businessman who has managed to build a great reputation for himself. His success is depicted from the roles he has been able to execute very successfully. This has enabled him to get employed in many organizations and companies where he has worked in great ranks. His successful career is thanks to his exemplary knowledge in computer. He went to MIT where he managed to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Later on, he decided to expand his knowledge in computer science.

This pushed him to go back to school where he took masters in computer science at Stanford University. His knowledge and skills in computer and technology have greatly helped him in his career. He also speaks very fluent in Japanese and Mandarin which has also helped him in his career in business. His career kicked off in NetNoir where he worked as the CTO. This was a website that was involved in media production which specialized in the Afrocentric culture. NetNoir is one of the first companies to work under a Greenhouse program known as AOL.

Malcolm CasSelle’s hard work and determination in the company paid off and after three years he left to get employed at Pacific Century Cyber Works. At this company, he was given far much greater responsibility. He worked as the senior vice president and also worked as a consultant of the CEO. The company was located in Hong Kong and dealt with offering Telco services to clients. Later on, he became the director of Capital Union Investments for a period of 8 years. He supervised private direct investments and was able to transform them to become web companies.

His exemplary success has paved way for him to work in other great renowned companies. Malcolm CasSelle is also the current president of Wax which is a company that specializes in Asset exchange. The company has a program which has enabled people to trade in the virtual market in areas such as infrastructure, payment processing, and security. Through the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle, WAX has been successful to serve very many online players who have been able to benefit from the Wax platform.