Lime Crime: Doe Deere’s Beauty Empire Built Upon Dreams And Crazy Color

For any business to stand out, there has to be something that draws the buyer in. When it comes to the super competitive world of beauty, you really have to dream large and jump in when the time is right. Learn more:


That is exactly how Doe Deere secured her place in the everchanging makeup industry, according to an interview with The CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics has always been fascinated with bright, bold colors, fashion, makeup and looking pretty. As a young child growing up in her native Russia, Doe Deere would apply lipstick and eyeshadow on her friends, and she developed an early entrepreneurial spirit by selling temporary tattoos to her classmates.


She moved to New York City in her teens and began dabbling in the music business by joining a band and also meeting her future husband Mark in the rock group. Doe Deere also set up an Ebay clothing shop and learned a lot about merchandising by working hard at these early businesses.


Her heart lay in the makeup field, however, and she began considering her own cosmetics brand, one that would offer young women and men a fresh, wild, modern approach. In 2008, Lime Crime was born, and the line of bold, crazy colored palettes were something the giant makeup companies were ignoring.


Doe Deere had found her business niche and dove in. It helped tremendously that Lime Crime was an e-commerce endeavor because Doe Deere was exceptionally savvy and smart with the internet and how to build a brand with social media.


These days, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is growing by leaps and bounds with more than 3.2 million followers. The page features plenty of Lime Crime makeup addicts who love posting their makeup selfies there for inspiration and admiration.


Doe Deere enjoys building a bond with her global fan base and being active on her social media accounts. She understands how the makeup industry changes often and rapidly. Doe Deere wears makeup from her brand and creates amazing new palettes that feature glitter, iridescence, luminescence, etc. She often combines duo eyeshadow palettes with bizarre color combos.


The response to Lime Crime is huge, and the makeup often sells out. It’s a very bold look that offers empowerment to both women and men. Doe Deere believes that makeup should let one define their own standards of beauty. She also believes that the giant cosmetics brands should not dictate the trends and color palettes people can wear at certain times of the day.


With Lime Crime makeup, gold metallic or cement colored lipstick is normal, sexy and worn any hour of the day. Doe Deere’s famous Velvetines liquid matte lipsticks have quickly become a cult status because they all are hauntingly beautiful.


Doe Deere says that makeup should be fun and freeing and something you can play around with. The Los Angeles-based Lime Crime brand is high quality with rich pigments and always vegan and cruelty-free.


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