Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Making Trouble for Amazon

When you think of Amazon in the fashion e-commerce market, it is clear to see why they have not had to be worried about any of the competition for the last few years. The biggest reason is they have been raking in an incredible 20 percent of the sales for many years, leaving thousands of clothing retailers to fight over what is left. That doesn’t appear to be the way Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is handling their business in this crowded niche, they have been quietly closing the gap to Amazon by selling $250 million in women’s workout apparel in under three years.


To get a better understanding as to why this athleisure brand has been grabbing the attention of more customers each year, just look at what Hudson says is driving the sales of her workout apparel. membership perks and reverse showrooming appear to be the foundation in which Fabletics is soaring to new heights. While not new sales techniques by any stretch of the imagination, they seem to have come together in a unique way that is resonating with the client base of this company. Look inside the Fabletics stores at the mall, there you are going to see how these two sales techniques merge. Women are trying on all the active-wear, browsing all the workout apparel, and even filling out the store’s lifestyle quiz.


Domination in this fashion e-commerce market has been all Amazon, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is blazing a trail of their own lately. Each time that a shopper tried on any of the active-wear in the mall store, whether leggings, tank tops, or yoga pants, the item will be instantly uploaded to the member’s profile page at the e-commerce site. This allows the member to continue shopping when the time is better for them, and it also eliminates the worry about sizing issues so they will go impulse shopping more.


Take a closer look at all the benefits that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is offering too, from free shipping of online orders to discounts of all workout clothing throughout the site. When you took that lifestyle quiz, you even get help now from a personal shopping assistant who will use those quiz answers as a guide to picking one piece a month to add to your cart. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been growing fast in recent years, sure to give Amazon some real trouble in the very near future.

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