Julia Jackson Leads the Jackson Family Wines in Becoming the Globe’s Top Wine Conglomerate

Julia Jackson is a businesswoman and a senior officer at the Jackson Family Wines. She is based in Geyserville, and she has been working for the Jackson Family Wines for the last seven years. Julia Jackson is a graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Scripps College.

About Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson has interest in wine making. This entrepreneur is the middle daughter to vintners Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson. She was born in San Francisco in 1988 and spent the better part of her childhood picking grapes at her family’s farm. She was mentored by her father who also taught her how to appreciate efforts made to attain success. Julia Jackson spent her summers working at the Jackson Family wineries. It is during this time that she also developed an interest in the French language. Out of curiosity, Julia Jackson spent part of her summer in Bordeaux, learning the French culture and language. She spent her youthful years in France learning how the French wine is brewed. Before taking over as the proprietor of the Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson served as a teacher of French language and what Julia Jackson knows.


Jackson Family Wines’ brands

Julia Jackson has played a significant role in the expansion of the Jackson Family Wines’ influence in the wine industry. Throughout her tenure in this company, she has facilitated the introduction of her family wines to the latest generation of wine consumers. Some of the brands produced by the Jackson Family Wines include:

  • La Crema
  • Siduri
  • Brewer-Clifton
  • Penner-Ash
  • Galerie
  • Cardinale
  • Anakota

The Jackson Family Wines have continued to stand out as the leading wine producers in the industry. Under Julia Jackson’s leadership, this organization has been able to earn numerous awards. This company is also involved in sustainability projects and charity works and read full article.

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