Jennifer Walden MD, Many Things To Many People

Who is a nationally recognized, highly skilled, board certified cosmetic surgeon, a mother, philanthropist and small business owner? Dr. Jennifer Walden, that’s who. Doctor Jennifer is one of a kind in so many ways. She stands out in the world of surgeons because she is highly skilled in her field when is heavily male dominated. As a result Dr. Walden has to hold her own against the big boys and she does, in fact, they love and respect her sage advice.

Dr. Walden has sixteen women in her office, which helps her clients. Most of the patients who come into the office and see Dr. Walden are also female, so, having a staff of women who can relate is helpful and makes the clients feel secure too. The good doctor takes pride in the idea behind women helping women and has made it her life long passion to make people look and feel great about themselves, and learn more about Dr. Walden.

Outside of the office Dr. Walden is a mother of two twin boys. As a single mother she does her best to balance work and home life. Her boys names are Houston and Rex and she is a very proud mother. It shows in her commitment to her boys and providing them with the finer things in life through her service to others within her practice. Dr. Walden keeps up with the every changing technology and skills of her work too. She currently uses a 3D imaging system that helps her patients to see what their appearance can look like after an augmentation. She was also one of the first to use what is known as ThermiVa and diVa laser. These are used for a noninvasive rejuvenation treatment of the vaginal area, and

Because Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin Texas, she brought her twins boys there to be closer to the family. She loves Texas because it is supportive of women owned business and it is a great place to live, work and play. In addition to her every growing practice, Dr. Walden speaks at conventions, helps to educate her peers and much more.