JD.Com Helped D. Phone To Have An Amazing Day


Retailing powerhouse JD.com has been coming up with a host of innovative ways to improve and expand its services so that it can continue to offer the best service in the retail industry.

JD is the leading retailer in the ultra-competitive Chinese market and the firm also holds the distinction of being the country’s top e-commerce operation as well. Much of the success that JD.com has built is due directly to the fact that the company has one of the most impressive and intricate logistical networks in the world of business and has the ability to make deliveries at a staggeringly fast pace.

JD.com is also known for forging mutual partnerships with local retailers across China in order to expand the company’s retail profiles as well as offering an amazing service to these small and mid-sized businesses that benefit greatly from being able to utilize the JD.com supply chain and logistical capabilities.

One of China’s top offline cell phone retailers recently made use of the ability to partner up with JD.com. This company is Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd. The company is well known by the shorthand of D. Phone. This collaboration took place on the date of the world’s most impressive and largest shopping event which is known as Singles Day.

JD.com was able to help D.Phone to have some amazing sales on that day due to the fact that more than one-thousand stores under the D. Phone branding became listed during the event. This all was facilitated by a service that JD.com refers to as the “JPASS System”. This unique service allows offline brands such as D. Phone to be able to provide massive incentives for customers online through JD.com.

Since D. Phone joined in this lucrative deal with JD.com, the phone provider has seen significant growth in sales. It really is a testament to the fact that the success that JD.com has garnered is now being passed on to other businesses that are able to benefit from the sophisticated technology that China’s retail leader has available. This is yet another example of innovation done the way that JD.com likes to do it. Go Here for more information.


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