Igor Cornelsen’s Devotion to Investment

Igor Cornelsen has been an ambitious individual since very early in his career. Despite there being a single engineering school in his region, with a rigorous admission process, he pressed forward and was admitted. However, he switched career paths after two years. It turned out studying economics was the right choice for Igor Cornelsen. He got a job at an investment firm shortly after graduating, and within a few years he become CEO of the company Multibanco.

However, this quick success was not meant to last. Bank of America acquired Multibanco just 2 years later. This event left Igor Cornelsen seeking new opportunities. Over the following decade he worked at Unibanco and Libra Bank PLC, which opened his eyes to the bigger financial market. By 1995, Igor Cornelsen was running his own investment firm. He cites this as a natural result of his investment experience since graduating college. His strategy has always been following the trends, and using intuition, to determine what areas to invest or sell. He gets excitement when he outsmarts the market by seeing a trend before it happens.

A typical day for Igor Cornelsen operates on Europe time. He gets up in time to see the stock markets open, and adapt the day’s plan accordingly. The efficiency of the process comes up reading information, in particular he cites Reuters for its bass free information pages. In a business like this, he can only succeed by staying one step ahead of the competition.

In the fiance world, Igor Cornelsen has proven that pure hard work can lead you places. His history of working under several financial institutions gave him the skills to properly run his own company. The daily workflow can very greatly, and the uncertainty in returns can turn away individuals, but he has found success.