GreenSky Bluegrass Is On A Multi-City Tour This Month

GreenSky Bluegrass was formed in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the mid 2000s. It started as a three piece band, and they have since expanded to become a quartet. The five current members are Anders Beck, Michael Arlen Bont, Dave Bruzza, Mike Devol, and Paul Hoffman. The band has been on a whirlwind tour in the US that started on September 15th.

During the first several years, GreenSky Bluegrass appeared in mostly local locations, and they played for parties and events. In 2006, things changed for the band when they won a contest at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado. They were signed up to played there the next summer.

Since its formation more than 15 years ago and 6 albums later, the GreenSky Bluegrass band is already selling tickets for a 2019 booking at the Beacon Theater in New York. The talented musicians have put together their own unique definition of the sound of bluegrass music. The acoustical sound of a stringband blended together with the beat of rock and roll has risen the group to fame. The band’s newly released 6th album is entitled”Shouted, Written Down & Quoted,”and it carries on their musical tradition.

The GreenSky Bluegrass Fall tour continues throughout the month. The coast to coast tour took the band to many states in September and October, including two performances at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. They are scheduled to appear in California for a November 8th performance in San Francisco, and then they travel to San Diego for a November 9th show. The next stop in the tour is Los Angeles for an appearance on the following evening.

GreenSky Bluegrass played in several venues in the Northeast at the start of the Fall tour, including locations in New York and New Jersey. After visiting California, they will head to Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Houston, Austin, and then to Dallas for the final stop of their Fall tour. The last show of the tour is scheduled for November 17th.