Family Values Equals Success For Paul Herdsman’s NICE Global


Every thriving company relies on the passion and commitment of its employees. When a corporation only looks to meet the bottom-line, its operations cannot sustain long-term success. By implementing the rare belief “A happy staff equals happy customers”, Paul Herdsman’s full-business solutions provider NICE Global has become a leading example that companies can develop a prosperous infrastructure with intrinsic familial values.

Working his way up from managerial positions while venturing out as an entrepreneur, and eventually becoming NICE’s co-founder and COO, Paul Herdsman realized how customer relations between clients and staff intersects into the success of one’s business. As an international businessman and family man, Herdsman’s values directly influence the company’s culture and its family-like environment.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Herdsman affirmed, “No one gets to the next level by winning the award for most emails sent or most presentations given, you get to the next level by getting results that move the company in the right direction.”

As NICE Global provides customer outsourcing by handling day-to-day consumer operations for their clients, the Jamaican-based enterprise utilizes incentive based programs that reward the company’s staff – their dedication, teamwork, and skills. Employees as well as clients are measured by performance-based metrics monitored in real-time, which ensures that NICE’s goals are in total-sync with their partners. Refer to This Article to learn more

From training their employees to believe their work makes a difference from the get-go, NICE’s teams grow on a personal and professional level. Its company culture drives better performance from the bottom of the ladder to the top by safeguarding every employee meets their own individual needs as well as the company as a whole.


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