Fabletics: The Best Athleisure Brand

With consumer trust in traditional marketing at an all-time low, smart companies are coming up with creative new marketing strategies. The latest involves using customer reviews to the company’s best advantage. Recent studies prove that customers are more apt to trust reviews from other customers; some studies even suggest that consumer reviews play an even bigger role in a customer’s final decision on which company to do business with than the overall price. Smart brands like Fabletics use this to improve their reputation with consumers. This is why websites are more apt to feature consumer reviews now than in years past.


Since consumer reviews have proven to be so important, Fabletics is making it easier than ever to find positive reviews on their products. They now feature reviews right on the product page, and it is paying off in a big way; their sales have improved dramatically since implementing this new set-up. Furthermore, products with higher ratings now appear first in a search. This is true even in large search engines like Google, which gives companies with a higher consumer rating priority in search results. This works well for everyone involved: customers can find trustworthy companies like Fabletics more easily, while Fabletics gets more traffic coming to their website.


Consumer reviews are not just increasing sales; Fabletics is also using them to refine their business. Paying attention to reviews gives them valuable feedback on their products. They use this feedback to refine and improve the company’s offerings and let customers know that their insight and feedback is appreciated. This has lead to an increase in customer loyalty. Customers are coming back to do business with Fabletics in droves, as well as recommending the company to their friends and family. With more review options open, company transparency is higher than ever. Fabletics is using this trend to build a brand that is truly customer-oriented.


The mastermind behind the Fabletics brand, Kate Hudson, actually began as an actress with no background in business. When she was approached by the founders of the TechStyle Fashion Group about starting up a stylish athleisure brand, she jumped at the chance. More than just a public face for the company, she immediately became a business leader, keeping an eye on sales and design choices. Overcoming early hurdles like production quality mess-ups and bad communication, she and her business partners have successfully created the best athleisure brand on the market.


Starting her business with a parent company has allowed Hudson to draw on top industry experts, easing the startup process. The early problems Fabletics faced have lead Hudson to prioritise customer relations. This has enabled her to make better design choices faster than ever, cutting down on production time. The future for this company looks brighter than ever with recent team-ups with celebrities like Demi Lovato. The most recent innovation is a new feature on their website: you can take their Lifestyle Quiz and receive a personal recommendation of which Fabletics gear is right for you.