Dick Devos Working with FAA

Dick Devos is one of the top businessmen in the world. He currently runs The Windquest Group, a private equity firm dedicated to businesses that contribute to the world becoming a better place. This includes prestigious companies like Boxed Water. Devos has always been in favor of smart business relationships. He learned that early under his father, while working at Amway as Vice President, eventually becoming CEO.


Devos worked in the 1990s with a lot of business leaders around his hometown of Grand Rapids as well. The committee known as Grand Action was formed to build several areas of downtown and also create more commerce around the central area of downtown businesses. When plans were floated to build a sports arena away from this business center, Devos moved against them, proposing that Devos Family Foundation help with other projects. This is what led to the Devos Place Convention Center.


The convention center was the first step in making Grand Rapids a business traveler destination. The next step was to talk to the CEO of the nearby airport. The idea was that if business travelers saw Grand Rapids as a business destination, there would be more flights booked by business travelers as well.


The airport opened up new flights, but the move only came after Devos intervened. He started working with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport after 1999. Devos talked to the CEO of AirTran Airways and convinced him that opening up new flights was a great idea for growth. The new move worked. There was an abundant growth in this period for the airport, leading up to Southwest’s purchase of AirTran Airways.


The move made headlines in aviation business, and now that Devos is joining the FAA’s new Management Advisory Council. The council is responsible for helping advise the FAA on new policies and regulations. This includes new budgets and future growth options. Devos has been in the airport business and can help with decisions based on regulations, as well as funding for new renovations. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport raised $45 million for a renovation project that would be completed in 2018.


The council meets once every quarter to make important decisions with the FAA. Devos will have been on the council for a year. The FAA has made some significant changes in the past few months, including an approved budget of $40 million for the new GSO tower.


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