Dan Bethelmy-Rada Role in Manufacturing R.A.W

Customers keep changing their preferences, especially in the modern markets. At the moment people want to know how the product they are purchasing has been manufactured so that they can make a decision about buying it. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been doing some survey in the last two years so that he can give his customers better products. The businessman has a special role in one of the leading hair care brands in the United States. Matrix has been giving clients professional products since its formation decades ago. With an able leader who focuses mostly on customer satisfaction, Matrix has grown and became a leader in the tight markets without many difficulties. When Dan Bethelmy-Rada noted that consumers were getting a special interest in the products with natural ingredients, he decided that it was time to change products he was giving his customers. The result is a product that is known as R.A.W.

R.A.W was launched in the United States not long ago, and customers are already in love with the hair care product. The wholesome ingredients used in this product are all natural something all people are interested in. Speaking in an interview, Dan Bethelmy-Rada said that R.A.W was manufactured after so much research was conducted in the market. At first, customers said that they wanted to use products that would bring out the best in their hair. Later on, they realized that the brands they were using were affecting the environment in a way. Everyone started to develop the thirst for products that were completely natural. Apart from being environment-friendly, these products are not harmful to the skin or hair when used by people. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his company promised to deliver the best product, and this is what they have just done. Most hair care products in the international market use silicone and ingredients such as parabens and sulphates. With R.A.W, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team made sure that none of these ingredients were present. The product has been received well in the American market so far. The company looks forward to producing similar products in the future.