CloudWick: How Machine Learning Models Can Help Businesses Stay Competitive

In today’s business world where niche markets are becoming more and more common, having access to data that is reliable, accurate, and very precise is of the utmost importance. No matter the complexity of an issue, arriving at answers and solutions that are data-driven can help a business stay competitive. But to accomplish this, it takes a very sophisticated approach to analytics and data organization, such as utilizing machine learning models in the production process. To accomplish this and more, companies turn to CloudWick.

A leader in machine learning models and technology, CloudWick can help companies gain insight into today’s most complex issues. Relying on AWS as well as API-driven services, companies can build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale, making the production process much more effective. Relying on advanced analytics and algorithms to solve complex issues, CloudWick can assist companies in learning how to use machine learning in order to reach production goals much faster than with previous methods.

To accomplish these and other goals, CloudWick partners with Amazon to utilize a variety of services. One of the most important involves Amazon SageMaker, aimed at helping businesses reach the production stage faster than their competitors. By using one-click training and deployment that is combined with the features of pre-installed programs such as TensorFlow and Apache MXNet, services such as engineering, development, and operations can have a much smoother flow, resulting in increased productivity.

In addition to Amazon SageMaker, CloudWick also utilizes additional Amazon features such as Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend. With Amazon Transcribe, companies can make reaching production goals much easier due to the program’s ability to support multiple languages, along with its audio to text conversion feature, which is widely used in engineering and development stages. As for Amazon Comprehend, its most important function is helping engineers and data scientists discover key aspects of insights and relationships within texts, which proves crucial in quality control and continuous improvement departments. By being integrated with AWS Glue and Amazon S3, Comprehend can be a key component within many industries, including retail, financial, telecom, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing.