Efficient Customer Service By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is well-known for making Corrections Facilities safer. I have seen how they are always striving hard for providing jail authorities with all those products that will make the inmates, their families, as well as friends, parolees and the community much safer.

This is a company that is also providing a solution for resolving cases. This is through the supply of highly advanced audio along with video communications platform. This way, people are able to make calls, with a high degree of clarity, as well as security. This is important for jail officials. After all, they need to make highly confidential calls. This means that they cannot compromise with security in any case. I know that this is very clear to Securus Technologies. Hence they are providing exactly what the jail authorities need. These calls will be of top technological quality. This way the quality of the call will not be suffering in any way. Hence the clarity of voice will remain so that communication over long distances can also take place without any kind of glitch. In addition, other issues like call drops, or blocked calls, as well as delayed calls are also taken care of by this company. Hence issues like cross talks and so on simply do not exist while making calls.

There is something else being offered by Securus Technologies. They charge just the cost-based rates. Hence I would easily recommend them as offering the lowest cost structures today in this industry. This is a testimony to the fact that it is a company that is run in an efficient manner. Hence they are able to keep their costs low. They transfer this benefit to the customer by providing them services at low rates.

Besides, Securus Technologies is not making any kind of unauthorized payments for getting business. It is an honest company which follows all the business ethics. They follow all laws as they conduct their business.

There are a number of security features being provided by the company that makes everyone safe. Besides, the family is able to keep connected with the inmates.

Securus Technologies has come a long way today in providing several advanced technological solutions inside the correction facilities with regard to innovative communication options.

I am well aware that jail and prison officials are very happy with Securus Technologies. This is one company that listens to them and understands their needs. Hence they are always innovating so that the needs of their clients are met. This is one way in which they are also helping their clients to solve cases. I know of several cases in which the calls made by inmates were listened to, analyzed and cases solved accordingly.


Securus Technologies Helping Us Break Up a Drug Ring

I work in a prison that has a huge gang population. The problem we face on a daily basis is that the gang leaders have their soldiers doing the crimes and getting in trouble for the sake of the gang, while the leaders work in the shadows. These soldiers will only make a move when the word comes down, and as officers, we usually are in reaction mode instead of attack mode.


If a gang member is told to assault another gang member, we have to be there quick enough to stop the assault and keep everyone safe. Usually during these attacks, officers as well and the inmate are injured, and we see this happening more frequently as the jail is way over capacity.


One of the things we used to rely on was information from informants, but the gangs hand down a very harsh punishment on anyone they think is talking to the police, so this information is getting harder to come by. During an upgrade to the jail, Securus Technologies was employed to help upgrade our dated inmate communication system. The team at Securus Technologies trained us on the LBS software so that we could be in a position to intercept information being passed from one inmate to another or from people outside the jail.


During my first week of using the new LBS software, I was able to hear two brothers who are in this jail talking about how they received instructions to take down a rival gang member during a basketball game in the yard. The officers and I were able to discover that knives were already made and hidden under the fence, easily accessible by the inmate who was going to initiate the attack.


The new communication system has already saved countless lives and helped to keep me and my fellow officers safer in the jail.