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Value Of Technology In Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a charter school system that is based out of California. They have talented teachers who strive for excellence and are good role models to each and every student in Rocketship. The institutions uses software programs and alternative online learning programs that also provide exceptional and valuable learning for students. These programs help […]

Marc Beer’s Contribution to Society

Women all over the world are suffering from various ailments that they do not have the resources to treat. Medical companies are working to provide women and people in general with the necessary products to diagnose and treat their ailments. Marc Beer, the co-founder of Renovia, a medtech startup company, has launched an initiative to […]

Renovia Inc. Is Flourishing Under Marc Beer’s Leadership

There are scientists all over the world looking into various disorders and researching to find cures and treatments to make the lives of people easier. Millions of women all over the globe fall victim to pelvic floor disorders and Renovia is aiming to help them treat this condition and the diseases that can follow. Renovia […]