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Michael Phelps Helping Talkspace to Reach Out to More People

For people looking for some kind of professional assistance in solving their mental health issues, consulting with the experts at Talkspace is the right thing to do. Talkspace is one of the most prominent mobile therapy apps in the market that has helped hundreds and thousands of people to recover from their mental health issues. […]

The Impact of Fortress Investment Group in the Marketplace

One of the leading gas companies, New fortress Energy was created by the Fortress Investment Group in 2014. The investments made into the new company were about $100 million. The American company deals with natural gas where it supplies most parts of Jamaica. The company is focusing on increasing its investments ot other countries such […]

CloudWick: How Machine Learning Models Can Help Businesses Stay Competitive

In today’s business world where niche markets are becoming more and more common, having access to data that is reliable, accurate, and very precise is of the utmost importance. No matter the complexity of an issue, arriving at answers and solutions that are data-driven can help a business stay competitive. But to accomplish this, it […]