Back to the roots of Brown Agency

Life is an interesting thing that comes with a package of challenges. However, life itself is a beautiful thing and provides beautiful things worth appreciation. On the other hand, there is one creature that has found its way and survival to suit these challenges, and that is humans. The current world results from our state and process of thinking thus if we need a change then we opt to change our thinking. Therefore, persons like Justin Brown have made it happen by changing their minds and coming up with great ideas in the beauty industry a place where competition is key to success.

Brown agency which focusses on modeling and commercial talent date its foundation in the spring of 2010. Based in Austin, the firm has quickly grown to be a market leader in the industry over the past six years. Its goal is to establish new significant market standards that were not in Austin, and it has been able to build models and talent work. Other brands such as Dell and Toyota among others in the world have been beneficiaries of their work.

The 37 years old Justin Brown is president of Brown agency and working out his way into the industry started at college and working with modeling agencies. He was born in Reno and grew up in Susanville- California. He studied business and management in college and at the age of 18 he left for Southern California where he got into the modeling business where he moved from one modeling firm to the other gathering skills.

Having worked at Lucky brand where clothes were designed to fit his body type he earned $ 100 an hour. Here He was at his niche compared to the golf course where he washed cars and made $ 6 an hour. Eventually, he came to land to a subfield known as development and placement that required him to train models as pros. With a dream of living in Austin, Justin moved here in 2005. From experience gained at Los Angeles and New York, he was able to practice development business. He aimed at walking talents into bigger agencies, but at first, they were reluctant to go more major markets driving him to seek local organizations which seemed to stagnate his growth.

In 2008 he stated JB Models and Talent and later in 2010 got licensed by Austin Wilhelmina national agency. A bundle of twigs being stronger than a single twig, two forces joined that is, Wilhelmina, acquiring the Heyman Talent south and re-launched as Brown Agency. Justin being CEO and president of Brown Agency and Michael B. Bonnee, Heyman Talent-South,s founder heading the theatrical division. The agency earns itself the most respected agency in central Texas based on modeling talents.

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