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Chaz Dean’s Wen Products for the Win in Haircare

“No-poo” shampoos have made their way to the top of many people’s lists of the best co-washing options on the market and the name synonymous with co-washing is Wen by Chaz. According to Wiktionary, “Co-washing” is the abbreviated term for “conditioner washing.” Many people are opting for this method of cleaning their hair instead of […]

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Role in Manufacturing R.A.W

Customers keep changing their preferences, especially in the modern markets. At the moment people want to know how the product they are purchasing has been manufactured so that they can make a decision about buying it. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been doing some survey in the last two years so that he can give his customers […]

Malcolm CasSelle’s successes

Malcolm CasSelle is a successful businessman who has managed to build a great reputation for himself. His success is depicted from the roles he has been able to execute very successfully. This has enabled him to get employed in many organizations and companies where he has worked in great ranks. His successful career is thanks […]

Jason Hope: Aging Should Not Affect Life

The world has become a great place because of the internet. People can communicate, form relationships and do business online without meeting each other face to face. Technology is what keeps the world connected in all aspects. This new invention has also found a way to change lives in the healthcare department. Sicknesses can be […]

Dr. Saad Saad – The True Definition of Creativity is the Mother of Invention

Palestinian-born Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait together with his seven siblings. He pursued his education in Cairo University where he earned Honors in Medicine. After that, he went to England for an internship. Following the lapse of the internship period, he relocated to the United States where he undertook residency in Pediatric surgery […]

Marc Beer’s Contribution to Society

Women all over the world are suffering from various ailments that they do not have the resources to treat. Medical companies are working to provide women and people in general with the necessary products to diagnose and treat their ailments. Marc Beer, the co-founder of Renovia, a medtech startup company, has launched an initiative to […]

The Impact of Fortress Investment Group in the Marketplace

One of the leading gas companies, New fortress Energy was created by the Fortress Investment Group in 2014. The investments made into the new company were about $100 million. The American company deals with natural gas where it supplies most parts of Jamaica. The company is focusing on increasing its investments ot other countries such […]

Fortress Investment Group is a firm dedicated to helping its customers

Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998, and at the time it was private equity. For the many years, it has been in the market the company has been recording success. Fortress Investment Group became famous in 2007 when it turned public and was doing well in the New York Stock Exchange Market. It became […]

Roseann Bennett And Autism Awareness

  In a recent blog post from April of 2018, Roseann Bennett describes the importance of understanding and educating oneself about Autism. Autism has become much more prevalent among children in the 21st century. Roseann takes the time to blog about it, which coincides with World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. Roseann Bennett is […]

Dick Devos Working with FAA

Dick Devos is one of the top businessmen in the world. He currently runs The Windquest Group, a private equity firm dedicated to businesses that contribute to the world becoming a better place. This includes prestigious companies like Boxed Water. Devos has always been in favor of smart business relationships. He learned that early under […]