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For instance, tung oil has been used with fantastic results to finish wood, bamboo, concrete, stone, brick, and even metal surfaces. Tung oil is a favorite for finishing wood floors, cabinetry, decks, siding, furniture, guitars and other musical instruments, handmade toys, and more. 16/04/2009 · Tung oil will dry if you mix citrus oil in with it. Various people have more complex brews they use. Mostly it's used for furniture finishing, I don't know first hand of anyone using it on guitars. All depends on what you want to achieve. I've seen all manner of finishes labelled as tung oil, some don't even seem to list tung oil as an ingredient. I tried using Tung Oil as the finish on the last couple guitars I've built, and I gotta tell you, I think it is great. I really like the way it flows on the wood surfaces, and the semi-gloss luster of it is nice. 15/04/2009 · tru-oil is a very thin oil based varnish, much like most of the finishes out there that say "tung oil" on them. it's sold as a gun stock finish, but it happens to be an especially good finish for guitar necks. true tung oil is not a very durable finish at all. it's nice for wood that never gets touched or exposed to elements, but it's not.

26/11/2014 · Yea, I'm not even sure if there is any actual Tung Oil in that finish. It's just a varnish, but you can achieve excellent results. I've had issues with that finish/sealer that MM puts on their necks combined with oil-based finishes. Tru-Oil is the brand name for a wipe on varnish made by Birchwood Casey. Originally developed as a gunstock finish, it’s relative ease of application, decent durability, and grain enhancing properties, have won it a lot of favor among guitar finishers. 31/01/2017 · So I have my first back of neck tung oiled guitar and it is about month old guitar and I have started to think if I need to tung oil back of the neck of this Carvin guitar. Questions: 1. How often it is good to tung oil you back of the neck? 2. How do I apply the tung oil, is some wag or paper just fine? 3. 26/07/2006 · It would probably mean more work preparing the surface but a lot of less work in the end. Also tung oil or any oil that seeps into the groove where the frets are can cause a lot of trouble latter on if you decide to refret the guitar. Although its good to clean and oil a guitar fingerboard too much feeding oil can cause trouble. 04/04/2014 · I've finished everything from guitars to dining room tables to concrete countertops and I love tung oil. It does not evaporate and disappear. The problem is that there are a zillion products out there that are called tung oil finish that could be any concoction with as little as 2% real tung oil. They can be good or crap. Look for polymerized.

14/12/2019 · Tung Oil vs. BLO – To compare the two finishes, Vaughn MacMillan applied boiled linseed oil to the left half and tung oil to the right half of this platter. The tung oil is a bit lighter, and this difference will get more noticeable as time passes. Photo by Vaughn MacMillan Myth 4. 04/11/2008 · I only have experience with tung oil and Danish oil - which is really a varnish. I use Lee Valley polymerized tung oil which is pure tung oil heated up so it is polymerized then mixed 50/50 with mineral spirits to give it a workable body. Pure tung oil takes. 25/08/2005 · I already applied around 5-6 coats of tung oil. At first, I thought I would not have to hard finish such a fat neck and so far, no problems, but reading through all the posts on the subject made me reconsider. What should I do? Apply more coats of tung oil or? Thanks for the help!

29/03/2011 · Would there be any benefit to applying an initial coat of tung oil, or perhaps even a thinned tung oil, before finishing with tru oil? Does pure tung oil or thinned tung oil penetrate the wood more deeply, providing a more noticeable stain, or does the tru oil penetrate just as deeply? And how many coats of tru oil would I apply before. 12/08/2010 · I've got two all-koa guitars that are done in tung oil. If the guitar is going to be mostly a homebody and well taken care of, there's nothing wrong with the finish and the guitar will be very pretty.

How to Finish Wood with Tru-Oil This finish is inexpensive, and can be used on any wooden surface with success. Tru-Oil has been my finish of choice for acoustic guitars for years, because it is the perfect blend of beauty and protection for wood projects. Before you drive over to Blando Center or order an instrument from Dullsville Friend online, think outside the box! IT’S YOUR GUITAR will build you a unique, one-of-a-kind musical mojo machine crafted to your specifications for the same price as a basic entry level guitar! Is tung oil a good choice for the finish on a neck? its a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. I'm not really sure what tung oil does, i've just hear.

13/07/2008 · All finishes affect the sound of even electric guitars. Rub on oil finishes are exellent on electrics and ribs, backs and necks of acoustic guitars. Violin makers go to great lengths to seal the soundboard surface before using an oil varnish, which doesn't soak in nearly as much as a turp/tung oil or some other drying oil hand rubbed finish. 28/09/2011 · I don't do it but Tung oil is a light resin rather deep penetrating oil. It would be possible to use Tung oil and give the fretboard about 30 days to cure then take a razor blade and scrape resin free from the top of the board and then burnish the board and. A tung oil or Chinawood oil finish is usually applied to unfinished wood, but works just as well over a wood stain. Tung oil has a warm, amber color that gives wood a classic hand-finished look. Tung oil does not create a layer over the wood like varnish, it is absorbed by the wood to create a durable seal that is easy to maintain.

Guitar Finishes. Back to Research >. As a wood finish, tung oil is a penetrating oil – not well suited to musical instruments as it dampens vibration. The same qualities make it an excellent finish for furniture and architectural woodwork as it preserves the wood’s elastic qualities and is. ok so i plan to apply tung oil on a rosewood fretboard.yet,i don't want to send the guitar for refretting.so is it possible to sand the fret board. 14/02/2012 · Yes, I used the MinWax "Tung Oil Finish." But it is what was recommended to me when I did a couple of guitar necks some years ago. Put it on according to directions and it is a really great smooth yet "organic" feeling finish if you have the patience to let each coat cure.

As this is an oil-based finish, it creates some fumes and therefore requires more care in application and clean up. For complete, step-by-step instructions for this DIY project, watch this friendly and straightforward video tutorial. Apply a tung oil topcoat over an oil-based wood stain. Click through to watch this video on. 27/04/2018 · Ten years ago, I built a parts guitar swamp ash body, and finished it with Tung Oil. Using the exact method you listed, it took 2 1/2 years before I was satisfied with the finish--but it was worth it. As far as protecting the finish, once a year or so I wipe it down with Butcher's Wax. If it cures hard, it is varnish. For more on wiping varnish masquerading as oil, see Flexner's book. While some products labeled as “oil finishes” are wiping varnishes, there are pure oils available as well- typically pure tung oil or linseed oil. 10/04/2004 · I've used both tung oil and true oil. Though true oil is polymerized, it is based on linseed oil. From the research I've done tung oil is by far a better protector than linseed oil polymerized or not. Most tung oils you will find have been diluted w/mineral spirits or petroleum distillates in. 13/06/2007 · Notebe sure to use a masking tape on any part of the guitar that you do not wish to tung oil. Wipe the top and rub the tung oil into the maple until the color of the maple is uniform and the oil has seeped into the wood. Let it dry. I mean for at least 4 hours or better yet next day. Take some 400 grit and lightly sand the top.

Why You Should Be Using Tru-Oil When asked what may favorite finish is, I usually respond "shellac". It's a favorite finish for guitar makers as well,. or tung oil? I,m about to make some walnut tables, and I was thinking of using one of those. Reply Delete.
Alas, you would be wrong. A proper finish can take a great deal of energy, effort and time. I have worked with many different finishes, nitrocellulose lacquer, polyurethane, polyester, and various oil finishes. Here I will be showing how I work with nitrocellulose lacquer and polymerized tung oil Tru-Oil, as well as 2 methods of staining wood.

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