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Fortress Investment Group is a firm dedicated to helping its customers

Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998, and at the time it was private equity. For the many years, it has been in the market the company has been recording success. Fortress Investment Group became famous in 2007 when it turned public and was doing well in the New York Stock Exchange Market. It became […]

Roseann Bennett And Autism Awareness

  In a recent blog post from April of 2018, Roseann Bennett describes the importance of understanding and educating oneself about Autism. Autism has become much more prevalent among children in the 21st century. Roseann takes the time to blog about it, which coincides with World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd. Roseann Bennett is […]

Dick Devos Working with FAA

Dick Devos is one of the top businessmen in the world. He currently runs The Windquest Group, a private equity firm dedicated to businesses that contribute to the world becoming a better place. This includes prestigious companies like Boxed Water. Devos has always been in favor of smart business relationships. He learned that early under […]

JD.Com Helped D. Phone To Have An Amazing Day

  Retailing powerhouse has been coming up with a host of innovative ways to improve and expand its services so that it can continue to offer the best service in the retail industry. JD is the leading retailer in the ultra-competitive Chinese market and the firm also holds the distinction of being the country’s […]

Jeunesse Global Luminesce Night Repair

Jeuness Global is a company that produces health and skincare products. Their youth Enhancement System was created with nine different supplement and skincare lines to help the customers look and feel beautiful from the inside out. The company was created in 2009 after the founders discovered the power of stem cells. When Randy Ray and […]

GreenSky Bluegrass Is On A Multi-City Tour This Month

GreenSky Bluegrass was formed in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the mid 2000s. It started as a three piece band, and they have since expanded to become a quartet. The five current members are Anders Beck, Michael Arlen Bont, Dave Bruzza, Mike Devol, and Paul Hoffman. The band has been on a whirlwind tour in the US […]

Adam Milstein: Maintaining the Integrity of the Jewish Culture

Fulfilling the role of a leader is a indeed a huge responsibility that few people tend to carry because it often entails making great sacrifices for the sake of self and others in order to extract the opportunities out of life that are often deemed impossible. In so saying, leaders wear the shoes that others […]

Family Values Equals Success For Paul Herdsman’s NICE Global

  Every thriving company relies on the passion and commitment of its employees. When a corporation only looks to meet the bottom-line, its operations cannot sustain long-term success. By implementing the rare belief “A happy staff equals happy customers”, Paul Herdsman’s full-business solutions provider NICE Global has become a leading example that companies can develop […]

CloudWick: How Machine Learning Models Can Help Businesses Stay Competitive

In today’s business world where niche markets are becoming more and more common, having access to data that is reliable, accurate, and very precise is of the utmost importance. No matter the complexity of an issue, arriving at answers and solutions that are data-driven can help a business stay competitive. But to accomplish this, it […]

GreenSky Credit Impresses with Strong Q2 Performance

There are a number of companies that occasionally surprise their investors with strong quarterly performances. Once such company has been making waves in the Fintech world with their strong second quarter performance and an unexpected strategic alliance with a credit card giant. That company, GreenSky Credit, has become the talk of Wall Street thanks to […]