Lori Senecal, A Leading Figure In The World Of Advertising

Lori Senecal is a woman who has had a significant impact on the world of advertising. Known on Ad Week as one of the America’s leading Ad Woman, Lori Senecal has taken the advertising world by storm through the beautiful ad campaigns and ability to run an entire company on a global level without breaking into a sweat. Her ruling over the world of advertising comes from the position of power that she is in – being the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky or CP+B as it is colloquially referred to in the world of advertising.

Lori grew up in Canada, where she spent the major part of her childhood and teenage years. While growing up, Lori was put in a rather competitive environment, where she always had to prove herself amongst her peers. Even though she had to go through a lot, and be the best that she could be, it eventually paid off, when she entered the highly competitive and creative world of advertising.

She has never let the fact of her being a woman stand in her way of being successful, but also still stands for the empowerment of women all over the world. She has headed numerous events that fight for the rights of women and has also conducted various seminars which encourage women to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and go on and achieve their dreams.

At Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Lori works as the Global CEO, which according to PR Newswire means she is entrusted with overseeing the operations of the numerous offices in not just one country, but in every country that CP+B has set their roots into. She is tasked with handling all the global affairs of the company and makes sure that every single office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky is functioning properly and at its maximum potential. Under her leadership, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has put out some of the best ads in the world of advertising, and have received numerous awards for their efforts in the field.

Through her career, Lori has authored numerous publications which pertain to the world of marketing and advertising. One of the articles that have received a lot of widespread accreditation is ‘Clueless or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn from Wayward Celebrities’. The article was an interesting take on the strategies that marketers can use to sell their products by adopting all the publicity methods that celebrities have utilized in the past to make themselves known.

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Why the Work of Betsy DeVos is Cut Out for Her

If you’ve heard the saying, “You’ve got your work cut out for you”, then you know how I see the future of Betsy DeVos. She couldn’t have been appointed at a better time when the schools have been their weakest, and when reform for education couldn’t come soon enough. It never ceases to amaze me just how much the schools are lacking, and I can recall how fortunate I was to have a solid education in a private school. However, I never saw government sticking their nose into the business of education, and that is something I would like to see Betsy change. I can safely say that her work is right in front of her, even if it is limited to this one issue. There is no shortcut or easy way to reform the educational system, and reform is desperately needed.

What if every child was able to get a quality education? Right now at this very moment, they cannot. Children are limited to what they can get because of the zip code they live in. Regardless of where a child lives they should have rich opportunities and a rich curriculum. Those who are less fortunate right now could easily become better when they are given an opportunity. The children may not realize it, but those who are leaders do know and should be working with Betsy to bring positive change. Read more news on LATimes.com

Betsy has decades of experience in politics as well as working with educational groups and organizations. Her knowledge and experience is so valuable and vital to the health of the school system. It is also important that she work quickly to help the state get their children a curriculum and foundation they can understand and build on. I have heard other parents with older children discuss Common Core and just how hard it really is. Isn’t this making learning harder?

My hope is that Betsy DeVos can bring reform to this challenge and ensure that students are able to get a foundation that they build on. Learning should not be difficult or stressful, but rather challenging and insightful. Her view on bringing policies closer to home to be worked on is ideal and it is one that will give the schools freedom to work with students on different levels. It is Betsy DeVos that will bring opportunity to the school system rather than inequality as it stands right now. I am thrilled that she is an advocate for school choice. I believe that is just one of the many aspects of living in a free country. I should be able to choose what school my daughter can attend, and I see that change coming with Betsy DeVos in place.

Is Fabletics The New Amazon?

Amazon is big, and no one can deny it. But Fabletics by Kate Hudson is creating ripples in the e-commerce market. It is a $250 million business in just three years! This is due to the unique strategy behind this business promoting workout attire.


Fabletics is being promoted as a high-value brand. Earlier it was all about price, quality of goods and so on. But this is not the recipe for success anymore. There is much more that customers want today. This would include customer experience, exclusivity, brand image and so on. The strategy of Fabletics is placed around these factors, and it is readily paying off.


Fabletics already has 16 physical stores and plans to open a few more this year. They know what their customer wants and aim towards providing them exclusive and personalized service. Besides, their clothes would be priced lesser than the competition.


No one can deny the “reverse showrooming” strategy of Fabletics as it has paid off so well. The e-commerce giants have been highly concerned about customers browsing on their site but making purchases from other places that were cheaper. But Fabletics is all about building relationships. Hence they build a rapport through local events and other activities. This way they have members even before they walk in through the store. Any activity within the store also gets added to their online cart. Hence online and offline shopping behavior working in tandem has led to success for Fabletics.


As per its customers, Fabletics has come out with innovative schemes where they offer monthly memberships. The members can get personalized outfits for their workouts. There are no compulsions here. You can buy when and if you want. No purchases mean no monthly charges. Fabletics will ask you about the kind of workouts you do. Next will be the kind of workout clothes you prefer; like gym shorts, capris, tops and so on.


The quality of their workout clothes has been exceptionally good. This is vital in order to get customers and retain them. Clothes have to be strong and able to retain their flexibility. Next, the colors should not fade too soon. This is an essential requirement of workout clothes.


The customers are highly focused on style today. Fabletics understands this well. Hence they have the latest styles in their stores. They like to keep trendy stuff as well as fun stuff. This way, people have a huge variety to choose from. They are bound to find something that they like.


Fabletics is true value for money as per its customers. This is because members get special privileges. Hence they pay much lower than they would at any competitor. Besides, the quality is very good. On the whole, it can be considered as a really good deal.


In the case of any online experience, navigation is the key. Fabletics offers easy navigation on its site. The sizes, prices, colors and other details are clearly visible. The only issue is that one has to hurry as items get out of stock really fast. But there is an efficient customer service that will take care of issues if any.